How It Works

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We complete detailed interviews regarding each party's lifestyle and housing needs.

We ask you about everything from pets and hobbies, to food allergies, sleeping habits, music loudness, storage, visitors, parking and more


Run through background checks.

We use nationally recognized background check services that include criminal background, credit, sex offender registry, income verification, and eviction history.

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Check four (4) references on each homeowner and each home seeker.

These references may include previous landlords, neighbors, employers, friends or clergy but not family.


Help each party identify those people who could make good housemates.

Based on your interviews, background check and references we determine where there could be compatible matches and help introduce you to eachother.

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Offer sample lease agreements and information regarding New Hampshire home sharing laws.

It is not up to us to decide whether you will use a lease agreement, obtain additional insurance coverage, or barter for services. We simply provide information for your consideration.


Facilitate signing of a Living Together Agreement.

We provide a template for discussing and coming to agreement on various factors we have learned contribute to a successful living arrangement with declared expectations.

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