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Find A Home

There are many benefits to sharing a home as a renter. HomeSharing provides:

  • Beautiful living spaces in otherwise unaffordable locations
  • Amenities unavailable in standard rental properties
  • Mindful living with less environmental impact by sharing utilities and space
  • Relationships and community in the home and neighborhood
  • Reduced isolation with an opportunity to provide needed service

What areas are available?

This guide has been written for New Hampshire residents. the principles are the same for any location. In this guide, where there are New Hampshire state specific laws or regulations, a note is made that anyone outside of New Hampshire needs to check with their state and local ordinances.

What is shared?

A private bedroom and preferably a private bathroom are the usual minimum provisions offered to the homeseeker. There may not be a private entrance. Spaces could be furnished or unfurnished. Common areas of living, kitchen, and yard are discussed in the interviews. Housemates have the opportunity to negotiate storage, parking, kitchen supplies, closet space and other important details during interviews and at the signing of a Living Together Agreement.

What is required of a Homeseeker?

Homeseekers should be prepared to answer many questions regarding their lifestyles. The materials provided here should help a homeseeker consider the details of living in someone else's home while also having ris to privacy and safety. You can be prepared to interview the homeowner as well as be interviewed by them. Being prepared leaves for fewer assumptions that might cause stumbling of conflict at a later time. Trust and open honesty from the beginning promotes the best long term relationships.

Homeseekers usually must have proof of income. Also be prepared to be asked for references and possibly undergo a criminal background that includes the National Sexual Offenders Registry, Dept of Motor Vehicles, and credit check. If you have had a history of eviction, be prepared to explain why.