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Find A Home

There are many benefits to sharing a home as a renter. HomeSharing provides:

  • Beautiful living spaces in otherwise unaffordable locations
  • Amenities unavailable in standard rental properties
  • Mindful living with less environmental impact by sharing utilities and space
  • Relationships and community in the home and neighborhood
  • Reduced isolation with an opportunity to provide needed service

What areas are available?

We serve the 10 town region of the Mount Washington Valley - Jackson, Bartlett, Hart’s Location, Albany, Conway, Madison, Freedom, Eaton, Tamworth and Chatham

What is shared?

A private bedroom and preferably a private bathroom are offered to the homeseeker. There may not be a private entrance. Spaces may be furnished or unfurnished. Common areas of living, kitchen, and yard are discussed in the interviews. Housemates have the opportunity to negotiate storage, parking, kitchen supplies, closet space and other important details in signing the Living Together Agreement.

What is required of a Homeseeker?

Homeseekers complete an application interview to help develop comfortable expectations for compatibility, safety and privacy.

Homeseekers must have proof of income. All Applicants undergo a criminal background and credit check, check of the National Sexual Offenders Registry, and must have no history of eviction.

I'm interested in finding a home

Due to the pandemic, HomeShare MWV-Gibson is not currently facilitating matches. When we are able to offer this service again, we will post the information on this website.

Download the Handbook of Information.