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Who We Are

HomeShare MWV-Gibson was a service provided by the Gibson Center for Senior Services. The Gibson Center is a 501(c)3 non-profit whose mission is to provide the Mt. Washington Valley with programs and services that enrich the lives of seniors and foster connection, joy and purpose. For 40 years it has been providing affordable meals, transportation, housing, social programs, and the Thrift Store to Mount Washington Valley New Hampshire residents.

In 2018, the Gibson Center convened 11 towns of the Mount Washington Valley to become the MWV Age-Friendly Community. It is structured using the AARP and World Health Organization determinants of Livable Communities – Housing, Health, Transportation, Outdoor Spaces and Community Connections – to further develop the region as a place for people of all ages and abilities to thrive. One of the major goals of the Housing Working Group was to launch HomeShare MWV-Gibson to serve the affordable housing needs of both our workforce and aging populations. For more information about the Gibson Center or the MWV Age-Friendly Community please visit

With the onset of the Covid -19 pandemic, the service of personal interviews had to cease. The need for affordable housing and the need for companionable, assisting in living for seniors increased, not only in our region but across the state and nation. We are pleased to offer our learning about developing safe, private and companionable homeshare relationships in hopes that anyone can follow the guidelines and make successful arrangements.