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About Home Sharing

Home Sharing is simple. We bring together compatible, friendly and deserving people. We facilitate matches between home owners who are people with extra room and home seekers who are those looking for a home and eager to become housemates.

The Home Sharing Trend

Over 60 organizations nationwide, from California to New England, have assisted thousands of homeshare participants make successful homeshare matches since the 1970’s. There are a multitude of reasons why people engage in Home Sharing.


  • have empty, available space that can produce income to offset high property taxes;
  • want to conserve resources by sharing;
  • want to help provide needed workforce housing in their town;
  • need home, property or living assistance;
  • want to build community and reduce isolation with companionship;
  • want to live mindfully with less environmental impact.


  • find the cost of housing in the Mount Washington Valley continues to climb;
  • want options for affordable living;
  • can have amenities unavailable in apartments;
  • want to live in the towns near their work.

MWV-Gibson HomeShare was created to facilitate matches between compatible home seekers and home owners for all of these reasons. Our aim is to help set high level expectations and think through every detail that maximizes compatibility, safety, and privacy among people who become delighted to share their living. We use personal, detailed interviews, criminal background checks and Living Together Agreements to help achieve successful living together.

Not Emergency or Short Term Housing

Note: MWV-Gibson HomeShare CANNOT offer emergency or short-term housing. The process of matching compatible home owners and home seekers can take time. Background screening of all participants is required. We cannot provide emergency housing. The intent is for long-term rental agreements with the stay an average of 8 months and a range of 6 months to 8 years.